A Great Event. Let's make it happen.


1. Idea

You've got an idea - now grab some friends and see what they think. They'll be able to help tell you what's good and what will get people to show up. Your friends will help you to make your idea as strong as possible, and we'll work to help guide you through logistics: costs, transportation, A/V, safety, liability, and anything else.

2. Planning

We'll guide you through a bill proposal, the event calendar, and give you tips on having the best event possible.

3. Marketing

Advertising is an important part of a successful event. You put in all this work, and it's crucial that you take all the steps to make sure people will attend your event. We highly recommend working with the Office of Student Engagement to work on branding and an advertising plan.

4. Let's do this.

You've done all the necessary steps - now it's time to have a great event! This is where you setup, enjoy the event, and, once it's all over, make sure everything is back in order.