We hear you. We're going to shifttransformoverhaulvitalize, and enhance each common space until every space is more appealing and functional.

The JPII Lounge

Alexis Stypa ('16) had a dream to completely revamp the JPII Lounge: to make it an inviting space for both studying and hanging out with friends.

With the help of Student Government, Alexis made her dream a reality.

Durable wood flooring, a fresh coat of paint, modern tin ceiling tiles, three new countertops, nine pendant lights, and new furniture make up the lounge.

It took a little while, but with intensive brainstorming, planning, early-morning meetings (and a little bit of coffee), and strategic partnerships, the JPII Lounge is better than ever before.

St. Maria Goretti 2nd Floor Study Room • Complete

We got rid of the broken table and folding chairs in favor of a new conference table, black executive chars, a whiteboard, and accent decor. Not too shabby, eh?

Moving Forward

STOVE won't happen overnight. Each space is designed with a custom purpose in mind. We're striving to be responsible and maximize every dollar without compromising on the vision or quality.

Over the next few years, we'll be working to redesign each lobby and common room to maximize potential. We'd love to hear your ideas along the way!