Stephen Akers is a sophomore accounting major from Atchison, Kansas. Originally a Nebraska kid, Stephen has worked for a baseball complex, an entertainment company, and six political campaigns. At his high school, Stephen served as "Head Boy" of a Harry Potter-like House System, and worked with his team to overhaul the point system and start a "Forward in Faith" campaign. He currently works for Ave Maria University in Marketing, as a website lead and strategist, and Student Engagement, as Student Coordinator of Orientation, and strives to be actively involved in the community.

As a Freshman Class Rep, Stephen spearheaded new pool furniture, Project STOVE and the JPII Lobby revamp, the new SGA website and brand, Fresh Fruit Friday, the digital video boards, and Dunkin Monday.

As Treasurer, Stephen oversaw the SGA budget, and advised the Development committee. He implemented an entirely new budget system, that is more accurate and makes reporting faster. He worked to constantly monitor spending and accounts, and did what he could to make the special 10th Anniversary Feast of the Annunciation possible.

As President, Stephen advises the Culture Committee, sets goals, gives direction, meets with administrators, and monitors and directs the resources of the Council. His vision for the year focuses on strengthening resources for clubs and households, growing the Catholic Council Network, continuing Project STOVE common space improvements, working with A'viands to keep improving dining services, and developing skills through representative leadership development.

Favorite Color: Red
Birthday: June 18
Favorite TV Show: The Office/Parks and Recreation
Confirmation Saint: Thomas Aquinas

Favorite Quotes
"Forward. Always Forward. Everywhere Forward."
"Live the Faith. Pursue the Truth. Strive for Excellence."
"Here's to the crazy ones... because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do."

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