We want you to succeed.

People are counting on you to make a difference. Let's do everything we can to make them proud.


We own the following equipment:

  • Two large coolers, one with wheels
  • GoPro 5 with carrying case, chest mount, head mount
  • One 12.9in iPad Pro, with keyboard case
  • One 9.7 in iPad, with keyboard case

We also work closely with the Office of Student Life, and can request to use things from the Student Life closets, such as:

  • Decorations from previous events, including:
    • wooden table centerpieces
    • linens (we also work through A'viands and Taylor Rental if more are needed)
  • Popcorn machine

Subscriptions and Accounts

  • Spotify | Our own account through our partnership with the Office of Student Life
  • Typeform | Our own account allowing us to create as many forms as we'd like
  • Squarespace | Powers this website, in addition to our Feast of the Annunciation website
  • Overstock | Business account
  • Wayfair | Business account
  • Netflix, Hulu with Live TV, Amazon Prime Video