What We're Doing

We're working to cultivate Ave's vibrant campus culture. We set aside funding for the Student Activities Board, making events like Holly Jolly, Ave Idol, Country Night, and Battle of the Bands possible. We also allocate funding for clubs, households, and initiatives, so that student groups can plan and host activities that are cool and fun.

On the Council, Student Government is primarily organized into three committees: Development, Culture, and Public Relations. The Council is constantly working on projects to improve Ave.

How We Work for You


We're working to be a direct link between the student body and administration. If you have a concern, let us know and we'll make sure it's addressed properly.


The Council strives to support clubs, households, and student initiatives. We try to help make your ideas as strong as possible, and will also consider supporting them financially.


Representatives serve on committees, which focus on projects to improve campus, disburse information, and spread a joyful love of Ave.


Development works on improving our campus. We hear your feedback, and do everything we can to make things happen.


Culture seeks to promote the uniquely Ave spirit on campus. The committee plans feast days throughout the year to celebrate our faith, such as the Feast of All Saints, Our Lady of Guadalupe, and the Feast of the Annunciation.

 Photo by David Albers

Public Relations

The Public Relations Committee works to support the mission and vision of Ave Maria University through effective and fun information sharing, primarily focused on communication between students and SGA. Last year, the committee designed and launched this user-friendly website!

Public Relations also promotes SGA events such as Fresh Fruit Fridays, feast days, and more through the newly installed video boards and SGA Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, and Youtube.

The Network

Student Government is launching a national initiative to bring Catholic schools together. Our vision is constructive communication for the improvement of our institutions, friendly competition between schools, and a collaborative effort to do good in the world.


Ave Maria University

Student Government is pioneering this network in an effort to strive for excellence, not only at Ave Maria, but at all Catholic universities. We recognize the threats of our society, and we know that by standing together, we can learn from each other, and work to make a difference.

University of Dallas

Benedictine College

We're thrilled to join with the Student Senate at Benedictine College. BC shares our values, work ethic, and optimism for the future of Catholic education. We can't wait to work with them to compare our differences, brainstorm new ideas, and make things happen.

University of Mary

We're in contact with the student governments of the University of Dallas and the University of Mary, and we're optimistic about joining with them in this effort. We know these institutions share our values, and we're excited about the prospect of moving forward together. We hope to keep expanding this network as the year progresses.