What We're Doing

We're working to cultivate Ave's vibrant campus culture, improve Ave, and spread the good news of our university.

Student Government is organized into three committees: Development, Communications, and Outreach. The Council is constantly working on projects to improve Ave.

How We Work for You


We're working to be a direct link between the student body and administration. If you have a concern, let us know and we'll make sure it's addressed properly.


Representatives serve on committees, which focus on projects to improve campus, disburse information, and spread a joyful love of Ave.


We love our campus, and we recognize an ongoing need to keep developing it into the best around. Development works on improving campus. We seek out and listen to your feedback, and do everything we can to make things happen.


Outreach seeks to promote the uniquely Ave spirit on campus. The committee plans events throughout the year to celebrate our students, faith and mission, such as the Ave's Got Talent and the Feast of the Annunciation.


Public Relations works to support the mission and vision of Ave Maria University through effective and fun information sharing, primarily focused on communication between students and SGA. Public Relations also promotes SGA events such as Dunkin Mondays, feast days, and more through our website and social media platforms.

The Catholic Council Network

We're helping launch a national initiative to bring Catholic student leaders together. Our vision is constructive communication for the improvement of our institutions, friendly competition between schools, and a collaborative effort to do good in the world.