Presenting Your Bill

The Secretary will notify you of the next Council meeting to present your bill.

Before voting on bills, the Council goes through a series of reports to summarize what's happened since the last meeting. After the Council moves into Secretary's Business, bills will be presented.

The Secretary will introduce the bill, and allow you to present it from the podium. Don't fret - it's easy. Just tell us what the bill is for, and give us some context. Try to foresee any questions and respond to them in your presentation. You only need to talk for a minute or two.

After you present, the President will move to approve the funding, which will be followed by discussion amongst the Council. Below are some sample questions. It might be helpful to look through and know the answers to the questions that apply.

  • If you represent a club or household, how many active members do you currently have?
  • What are your goals for the year, and how does this help achieve them?
  • If purchasing a long-term asset, where will it be stored, and how will you ensure it is maintained?
  • Have you requested any funding from SGA in the past?
    • If you're not sure, the Treasurer can help look this up.
  • If hosting an event, how are you marketing your event to ensure its success?
    • We highly recommend working with the Office of Student Engagement if you need posters or branding.

After the Council votes on your bill, you are welcome to observe the rest of the meeting, and even participate in General Discussion, but you are not required to stay.