Goretti Study Room: Complete!


St. Maria Goretti Hall is the first dorm to see the fruits of Development's initiative Project STOVE. This new study room is on the 2nd Floor of Goretti, and has a 12-foot conference table, 8 executive chairs, a set of canvas prints, and a whiteboard.

Student Government would like to thank everyone who helped make this room possible. We look forward to the path ahead and are infinitely grateful for the opportunities presented to us by this university.

The Story Behind STOVE

While campaigning for SGA, Stephen Akers noted that the mega-dorm has no stove. He vowed to look into it.

Once elected, he met with several staff members to evaluate the situation. Sadly, it was determined that although the first three dorms are allowed to have stoves, a change in Florida fire code prohibits the mega-dorm from adding a stove. However, it didn't end there.

"I haven't forgotten my promise. If the state won't let us bring an actual stove to the mega-dorm, then we'll make Project S.T.O.V.E. even bigger than before. We're going to shift, transform, overhaul, vitalize, and enhance every single space for all students. We're going to have movie rooms, study rooms, new lobbies, new paint, new signs - everything. This team isn't going to stop until we get every detail right."

New Ping Pong Table Arrives

Bring it on.

A brand new ping pong table has been delivered to the Xavier Hall lobby. This was made possible by a bill presented by the Development Committee passed on September 21. President John Gargano and Senior Class Representative Daniel O'Rourke led the way to pass this bill. 

The table, costing just under $800, was thoroughly researched by the public relations committee, and is highly rated for durability.

"[This table] will be durable and it will come with high quality paddles and ping pong balls." - Daniel O'Rourke

This project was made possible in part by the suggestion by RA James Lesniewski and RD Jon Cheffers. We're glad to be making improvements to our campus. We love to hear your suggestions. Have an idea? Let SGA know!