President's End of Year Review

Dear AMU friends,

On behalf of Student Government Association, thank you for letting us serve you this year! It has been an honor to serve such outstanding students. We diligently ensured that your input was heard in administration and changes were made accordingly.

Here are some of SGA’s achievements from this year:

  • Hosted four AMU football tailgates, grilling up almost 500 burgers at each event. These aided in boosting athletic attendance. 

  • Expanded visitation from Thursday-Sunday to Wednesday-Sunday. Next year, they are looking into continuing this expansion even further. 

  • Organized a week-long initiative, Reparation Week, in partnership with the Households of AMU, to offer daily reparations for the priest scandal in the Catholic Church

  • Worked with the Keepers of His House Club on implementing four plastic recycling bins around campus and one paper recycling bin in the library. Recently, we also installed water bottle fillers in the first floor of JPII and academic building (pending installation). 

  • Brought back the panini press to the cafeteria and added the more frequent addition of sugary cereals. We also worked with Chuck Traver to discuss small changes to improve the cafeteria food such as simple chicken dishes and hummus in the salad bar. We also brought up the idea to have to-go lunches in the cafeteria. 

  • Organized AMU’s first Living Stations of the Cross

  • Opened the outdoor library patio and purchased sustainable furniture for social space. 

  • Co-hosted the Celebration for Emily Acosta with SAAC by providing the food, waterpark, shuttles, and assistance with set-up/take-down.

  • Discussed the expansion and paving of the gravel lot which will most likely take place while everyone is gone for the summer. 

  • Instituted more religious icons around campus including three statues. 

  • Put on Ave’s Got Talent, townhalls, and monthly Dunkin Mondays. 

  • Brought attention to the re-opening of the Ark Chapel which should be accessible to students next year.

  • Showcased students/faculty/staff weekly on Ave Spotlights

  • Added the opportunity to rent personal whiteboards in the library.

  • Worked with Joe Traver to get coconut milk in the coffee shop. 

  • Allowed students the opportunity to name the coffee shop the Daily Grind.

  • Opened the Hub 24/7

Among these changes, our overarching project this year was to reconstruct the procedures and processes of SGA. I cannot be more thankful for the perseverance and patience from administration and class representatives to successfully establish the new foundation of Student Government. I also want to thank all of you for allowing me to serve you in my final year at AMU. I feel that this year especially, we, as a student body, have experienced so much together and have grown closer for it. I hope we continue to strengthen our bonds of unity and I wish the best to the next council. The students of AMU will always remain in my prayers. 

God Bless,

Mary Rexroat