February Update

Hello AMU students!


The visitation survey in the fall demonstrated that 71.1% of students that took the survey wanted more visitation hours and 76% of students wanted five or more days of visitation. SGA and administration have been in communication on how we address these statistics for this semester while remaining within the budget. A member of SGA, Allyssa Toth, pioneered a creative solution to address both statistics while remaining within the limitations of the budget for this semester. Seeing that dramatically expanding visitation would greatly exceed the budget for this semester, we proposed to have visitation from Wednesday-Sunday from 7 PM-12 AM for which we received approval by Mrs. Kim King. This entails a total expansion of hours from 24 to 25 while also adding an additional day and staying within the limitations of the budget. After reviewing the visitor logs from the Fall Semester with Gregory Howard, it was determined that the hours of 6PM – 7PM had the fewest number of students signing-in. The new visiting hours will begin the week following Spring Break. We hope in the following years, the students’ opinions on visitation will continue to be addressed. 

Another exciting development taking place within SGA is increasing the opportunities for students, staff, and faculty to recycle. This past week, Student Government ordered three recycling bins for empty bottles and cans, one bin for paper in the library, and one bin for batteries in the academic offices. Maintenance of these bins will be overseen by the Environmental Club members. Jason Sylvester, the head of physical plant, and the rest of his team do a lot behind the scenes to recycle our cardboard on campus, so we are excited to work with them to offer more opportunities. 

Continuing the efforts of expanding social spaces, the Academic/Library Services committee passed a bill to order furniture for the second-floor library patio. Once these are ordered, we will begin re-opening that area for additional social space. More projects are in the works to adjusting the library to be more conducivefor students. In addition, the Food and Culture Committee is working with Campus Ministry to create a prayer garden and plaques for the rosary walk. For ideas on this, please contact Sam Cimaglio, the chair of the committee. 

Lastly, Student Government now has an official office for any student to come propose ideas or give feedback. This is a space and time for YOU to have open access to the SGA members! We are located in the old office of Jen Lang in the second floor of the Student Union! Our hours are from 12-4pm Monday-Thursday. If your wary about coming up to the office, we are offering a monetary incentive to hear your creative ideas and feedback!Upon visiting the office, you will be thrown into a lottery for that month in which you have the chance to win a $20 gift card! We want to hear from you! All our projects have come from emails or suggestions from members outside of SGA, so our intention with this office is to increase the flow of ideas and feedback of students. As always, you can also contact me through email mary.rexroat@my.avemaria.edu.

Thank you and God bless Ave Maria University!


Mary Rexroat

SGA President