The Treasurer's End of Year Report

I am pleased to present a financial overview for Ave Maria Student Government Association for the 2017-2018 academic year.

As we close the books on another successful year, Student Government has continued on a path of steady growth to financially support its broad objectives while targeting key concerns of clubs, households, and students.

From an operating perspective, Student Government began the year with a modest increase in funding from the student activities fee, $219,586.00 compared to $216,540.00 the previous year—a historic high point for Student Government—which allowed for continual reinvestment in student activities and other strategic initiatives taken on by student government as well as ambitious students maximizing the college experience. This increase comes on the heels of a larger student population and a slight increase of the student activities fee.


Student Government kept account allocations consistent with the previous year with small deviations where was thought necessary. These allocations are based on an end of the year student survey which showed a high demand for improved common spaces. As a response to these students concerns, funding allocation for development initiatives was increased accordingly. So far, Development has renovated 16 rooms, and student satisfaction as a whole has been met with the results taken on by the Development Committee and Project STOVE. With a few weeks left in the academic semester, the Development Committee will continue to revamp and review common rooms and spaces.

Other accounts worthy of recognition include Initiatives and Culture which have also received a bump in additional funding this year. The reasoning behind the increase was salient because Student Government has been a heroic advocate and a support system for student involvement and leadership. Adding additional funding to these accounts endorses these objectives. To summarize, prudent and circumspect allocations and funding approvals are paramount to a well functioning Student Government.

In Summary

In closing, we will triumph forward and continue to work on behalf of the students and find the right balance between spending and management, and the critical significance of advancing investments in every aspect of our life here at Ave Maria. I want to thank Student Government and all my friends for supporting me in this capacity as Treasurer. It has been a volatile yet exhilarating year full of wonderful memories, knowledgeable skills, and new relationships. Moving forward, I wish nothing but the best for Student Government and everyone else that makes this blessed campus glorious.