The President's End of Year Report

Student Government Association is dedicated to being the voice for Ave Maria students. We're going to do everything we can to make this school excellent.


Dear friends,

We've strived to live up to that mission statement all year. The Council has worked tirelessly to accomplish meaningful results based on your input. It's been an incredible year.

Here are some of our proudest moments:


During my campaign, I ran on the following platform:


We recognize much room for improvement, however, I also feel as though we accomplished many of these goals. I'm incredibly proud of this year's team of representatives; they saw the vision and raced to make it happen. These reps put in countless hours so that Ave Maria would strengthen. Their hard work made for a truly incredible year. Read through our other reports below to learn more about all the things we've been up to.

I cannot express my gratitude to you enough for allowing me to serve as your representative. This position has been the highest honor of my time at Ave Maria. I'm optimistic on the path ahead. I look forward to what's on the horizon, and I wish the new Council only the best.

Stephen Akers