Public Relations: End of Year Report

This year, Public Relations worked hard to bring the entire student body together through broadcasting campus events, featuring students, and gaining feedback from students to better Ave Maria University. Through a variety of campaigns on their social media platforms, Public Relations focused on bolstering campus culture and promoting Ave Maria's unique and vibrant student life.

Notable Campaigns

  • Humans of Ave
  • Professors of Ave
  • Meet Your Reps
  • Feature Friday
  • Dunkin' Monday
  • Student Spotlights

Additionally, throughout the first semester, we created Typeform Surveys each Monday to gather student opinions on a variety of issues, including recycling and trash can availability on campus. The committee also captured pictures from events. 

Each committee member contributed in a unique way. 

Isaac Weltens, Junior Representative, spearheaded Dunkin' Monday, working hard to drive every other Monday to Dunkin' Donuts. Without his hard work, the popular Dunkin' Monday would not have been successful. 

Emery Weltens, Sophomore Representative, added her amazing video creation and editing skills to make several videos for the council, including videos about All Saints' Day, Student spotlights of Isaac Weltens and Ariel Aguilar. Her skills as a photographer were also a backbone of the Public Relations Team.

Isaac Chmiel helped to showcase our incredible and hardworking student athletes through the weekly Feature Friday, which exhibited an outstanding student who was exemplifying the ideals of an Ave Maria student as well as the dedication of a Gyrene. 

John Paul Harper was the member in charge of Meet Your Rep, the campaign focused on informing the student body on who was who in the council. 

Clare Pivarunas and Clare Malloy were an intrinsic part of the PR team, working on both Professors of Ave as well as Humans of Ave. Their tenacity and friendliness made the campaigns successful and a hit among students. 

A large part of Public Relations is feedback. This year, the PR Team had a large focus on feedback from the students on pertinent issues. Notable surveys included one about trash can availability on campus, which students largely were in favor of a greater number, as well as feedback about Feast Days. 

The committee remained organized mainly by submission of pictures and quotes over Typeform, which helped to streamline social media posting as well as organize an archive.