Culture: End of Year Report

The Culture Committee promotes the uniquely “Ave” culture on our campus. This culture entails promoting social activities for students, with the mission of the University in mind. This distinction is what sets us apart from our friends on the Student Activities Board, which puts on awesome social events. The committee celebrates this spirit through events like Feast Days close to our University's heart, and promoting students in conjuction with Public Relations.


  • Hosted the annual Ave's Got Talent — an event that showcases our wonderfully talented students
  • Partied like a saint on All Saints' Day with four student bands and a delicious meal; overall student feedback gave high marks
  • Celebreated the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe and Immaculate Conception with a simple yet fun event outside the cafe
  • Worked with SAB to combine St. Patrick’s Day and Battle of the Bands for one mega-celebration — a huge hit!
  • Brought student-favorite Scythian back for another year headling at the Feast of the Annunciation; also brought in a student band, flavorful meal, classy photobooth, and celebrated Mass with Father Guida, with special thanks to the help of the A-Team
  • Celebrated the Senior class with a week's worth of activities, including Senior Faculty Wine Night, Pub Night, and the annual Senior Sunset Cruise

Thoughts & Recommendations

  • Next year, Culture is projected to have the largest budget of the Council accounts. Regardless, it's important to ensure that SGA handles projects professionally and proficiently. Since this is the largest responsibility SGA will have, it will be used as a measuring stick by both students and administration to see how the new changes work.
  • Delegation is key. Make sure everyone has something to do. When we work as a team, we work better.
  • All Saints' Day is a sort of practice run for Annunciation. Get to know what works and what doesn’t, and logistics for food, music, and decorations. It will be immensly helpful.

In Summary

Culture worked hard to cultivate that uniquely "Ave" spirit on campus. We believe our work made a difference and gave students an opportunity to consider the great mission of this incredible instituion in a deeper way. We wish the Culture committees of the future on the best in their new ideas for taking these goals even further.