Feature Friday - Andrea Salomone: Soccer

Each week, we choose an outstanding Gyrene athlete to feature. This week, we introduce Andrea Salomone. Andrea is the goal keeper on the Gyrenes soccer team. Originally from Genoa, Italy, he chose Ave because he needed a change in his life and was looking for a spiritual place to grow and understand what he is destined to become.

"I chose Ave because I needed a real change in my life. It was a spiritual place to grow and to understand what I am destined to become. Ave helps me find my true self every day in a different way so that I will always be glad of my choice," Andrea says.

Andrea is a junior finance major. When asked about his pre-game routine, he said, "I start listening to motivational songs on a loop, picturing myself on the field, gaining my concentration. Then, I usually listen to Italian songs, which help me remember all the sacrifices I made to be here, all the people I love that I had to leave behind. I always put my left cleat and left glove first. Last thing: I kiss the three posts of the goal, as my father used to do while he played. Then, it's game time."

Congratulations to the Soccer Team on a great season, and remember to check back for our next feature.