2017-18: Our Goals

The Council is now in session! We're organized into three committees, and we've got a few other special projects. After many discussions, we're thrilled to announce our goals for the school year. 

Committee Chair: Joey Clanton
Advisor: Treasurer Gavin Galazka

  1. Complete Project STOVE Master Plan and Begin Implementation
  2. Begin Student Park Long Term Proposal
  3. Officially launch AveBlue sustaintability initiative (in tandem with Public Relations and Physical Plant)

Committee Chair: Allyson Auth
Advisor: President Stephen Akers

  1. Promote the joyful culture on campus through the following feast day celebrations:
    1. Mother Teresa's Feast Day (September 5)
    2. St. John Paul the Great's Feast day (October 22)
    3. Feast of All Saints (November 1)
    4. St. Patrick's Day (March 17)
    5. Feast of the Annunciation (March 25)
  2. Host a successful Ave's Got Talent (September 30)
  3. Promote Athletics with Public Relations

Public Relations
Committee Chair: Elizabeth Pivarunas
Advisor: Secretary Andrew Eads

  1. Promote SGA Events and Initiatives through various Social Media Platforms
    1. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat
  2. Launch ArtBoard initiative to empower student artists to showcase their work
  3. Implement continual branding for AveBlue sustainability initiative
  4. Create Dining Services feedback plan and social media campaign

Clubs, Households, and Organizations
Headed By: Vice President Sarah Stark

  1. Establish and continually improve relationships with staff members and club/household leaders, to help them understand how SGA works and achieve their goals
  2. Expand the Catholic Council Network, inviting more schools and developing a long-term plan