'Tis The Season to Give Thanks (and Brownies)!

This past December, in appreciation for their work and service to our Ave Family, the Student Government Association baked 50 dozen brownies for our cafeteria staff. This simple plate of brownies brought great joy to the lives of these steadfast workers. Each day these workers provide every meal for us; which made it a real delight to return the favor by making them some treats. With this small act of sweetness, we are reminded that this joy is something we as students can bring daily. Mother Teresa once said, “It is Christmas every time you let God love others through you”. So with this, we challenge you students…bring more “Christmas” to the cafeteria! Smile more, hug more, thank more, and love more. Learning the names of these lovely workers is worth millions in their eyes. Try to walk in their shoes for the day and your eyes maybe opened to their joys and their crosses. Be thankful for the food we are blessed with and spread this Christmas joy!

Thank you to our cafeteria staff and may God bless the cooks!