Happy Birthday President Towey!

On Saturday October 1st, President Towey celebrated 60 years of life!

At lunch on Friday, students were able to celebrate not only his birthday, but a celebration of his life thus far. President Towey has blessed this university for over five years now with his leadership, wisdom, and passion for service. His dedication to Ave Maria University and his willingness to invest in the lives of students has carried onward to Student Government’s mission on campus. Student Government is continuously inspired by President Towey' example to make Ave the best version of itself. With this in mind, Student Government would like to thank all who helped celebrate President Towey’s birthday and also President Towey for his fearless leadership. Though cards, cake, and singing cannot begin to show our gratitude for our president, we celebrated like one of our university saints by doing “small things with great love.”

Happy (now belated) Birthday President Towey!

We love you!

“For through wisdom your days will be many, and years will be added to your life.” -Psalm 9:11