Rep. Akers Connects AMU Council with Benedictine's Senate

Visiting his family in Atchison, Kansas, Freshman Representative Stephen Akers also visited friends at Benedictine College, and was welcomed by Natalie Gallatin ('16), President of Benedictine's Student Government Association. Akers and Gallatin met to discuss the structure and projects of each university's council. President Gallatin invited Representative Akers to attend a Senate Meeting, meet with Director of Communications Stanton Skerjanec, and attend an Executive Board meeting. 

This is only the beginning of a lasting partnership. The two councils are working to establish a monthly meeting time to discuss current events and collaborate on continual improvement. The two SGAs are also interested on teaming up to work on projects that would have a wider impact. As time goes on, the hope is to invite other schools to join us in forming a national network of Catholic unversity SGAs.