First Semester Review

Mary Rexroat,   President

Mary Rexroat, President

Welcome back to school! 

As the new semester kicks off, I would like to share some of the accomplishments from last semester and fill you in on where we’re headed this semester.

The fall semester was largely a transition period as we tried to maintain all that SGA has been without the same resources while simultaneously redefining and reconstructing what SGA will be. Some of the highlights from the fall semester included hosting football tailgates, the townhall, and working on the visitation and food survey results. As some of you may have enjoyed, we kicked off the beginning of the season by hosting three tailgates to boost athletic attendance. We’re thankful our efforts were joined by a successful season of the Gyrene football team! We continued the semester by conducting a intervisitation and food survey where we received almost 600 responses. As SGA becomes more of a lobbyist based entity, surveys will serve as a vital role in factually representing the wants of students. We now more then ever have a capability of expressing your wants to the university through tangible survey data (that carries substantial weight in the decision making process).” With that said, thank you for taking the survey! Administration is currently looking into the logistics of expanding visitation hours. In regards to the food portion of the survey, the cafeteria has worked with us to make small changes like the panini press. If you really liked Chick-fil-a, some of you attended the SGA Town Hall in December. Some great ideas came out of that which we are using them to shape the next semester. Among those ideas was one to expand the hours of the student hub. If you did not know by now, the hub is now open 24/7!

These are just a few ways your participation in SGA has changed the school! We thank you for letting us serve you!

- Mary Rexroat

September Review

This year, the 2018-2019 Ave Maria SGA is working to ensure that Ave Maria’s student body will not only enjoy their time at Ave Maria through various events and projects, but also be a transparent representation for the students and work towards ongoing unification in the on-campus culture. This month, committee leaders provide insight into the goals that SGA has for this semester, and are excited to share upcoming plans for Ave Maria.

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Sarah Miller

Development Committee Chair

With the help of student feedback, we are here to address any concerns or issues and make changes so that everyone can be proud to be a part of the Ave Maria University community.

Specifically, we are working with the environmental club to implement recycling on campus. In addition we are focused on making small changes in the cafeteria to create more options so that students enjoy eating in the cafeteria. Also, we look forward to students attending athletic events and are planning tailgates to encourage the student body to support the Gyrenes. Finally, we will begin working to get visitation extended.

Our Committee appreciates the enthusiasm and passion of the students at AMU. Any feedback about what we are doing or what a student would prefer us to do is always welcome. Likewise, we would like to thank the student body for their support as we work on their behalf to improve the AMU experience!

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Noah Miller

Outreach Committee Chair

The goal for the Student Outreach Committee is to plan and host events that will extend the culture of positivity on campus. Also, we want to establish an open feedback system so that we can adjust the events to meet the demand of the students.

We are very excited to be planning numerous opportunities for the students that will be taking place throughout the school year! Our next big event will be Ave’s Got Talent on November 1st at 9:00pm in the Prince auditorium. We are also hosting Ave’s first ever Turkey Trot on November 17th (time and location tbd), where we will also be having a food drive for the less fortunate in Immokalee. Along with those we will be hosting festivals for feast days, Dunkin Mondays, and much more!

The student body at Ave Maria could not be easier to work for. Everyone is very kind and honest with feedback, come to events with positivity, and are always enthusiastic about making Ave more fun!

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Taryn Posch

Communication Committee Chair

We hope to communicate news, events, surveys & more through our website and social media platforms. We want the Council to maintain transparency, and effectively share information between the students and SGA.

Currently, we’re working on producing a video to introduce the new council, and helping to plan Ave’s Got Talent. We’re also going to be conducting a survey to get feedback on how students feel about inter-visitation and the status of common rooms. Also, look out for our weekly "Ave Spotlights” showcasing students, clubs, and AMU staff!

The President's End of Year Report

Student Government Association is dedicated to being the voice for Ave Maria students. We're going to do everything we can to make this school excellent. 


Dear friends,

We've strived to live up to that mission statement all year. The Council has worked tirelessly to accomplish meaningful results based on your input. It's been an incredible year.

Here are some of our proudest moments:


During my campaign, I ran on the following platform:


We recognize much room for improvement, however, I also feel as though we accomplished many of these goals. I'm incredibly proud of this year's team of representatives; they saw the vision and raced to make it happen. These reps put in countless hours so that Ave Maria would strengthen. Their hard work made for a truly incredible year. Read through our other reports below to learn more about all the things we've been up to.

I cannot express my gratitude to you enough for allowing me to serve as your representative. This position has been the highest honor of my time at Ave Maria. I'm optimistic on the path ahead. I look forward to what's on the horizon, and I wish the new Council only the best.

Stephen Akers