Welcome, Emery Weltens


After receiving a large number of applicants for the Sophomore Representative position, SGA would like to welcome Emery Weltens to the Council. Hailing from Bandera, Texas, Emery will serve on the Public Relations and Culture committees. Her proficiency in photography, videography, and social media will surely make her an asset to the Council. We are excited to see what she will bring and are looking forward to a great year ahead.

This upcoming week, we are looking forward to hosting the annual Ave's Got Talent. Seventeen talented acts will grace the stage, but there will only be one winner! Join us on Saturday, September 30, at 7 PM with our Judges, Amanda Morin, Mike Wright, John Gargano, and Liz Feger, to find out who will be this year's winner. 


Introducing Our 17-18 Committee Chairs

The Executive Board is excited to announce the committee chairs for the 2017-18 school year. Student Government Association has three committees: Public Relations, Culture, and Development. The committees work toward one goal: we strive for excellence. 

We're thrilled to announce Elizabeth Pivarunas as the chair of Public Relations, Allyson Auth as the chair of Culture, and Joey Clanton as the chair of Development. These individuals are leaders on campus, and bring experience to help accomplish our goals this year.

Student Government wishes you the best, and we can't wait to see the year unfold (spoiler: it's going to be great)!.

This year we hope to raise the bar. Development will continue Project STOVE, our project to revamp the dorms. We expect major progress with this initiative. Development will also introduce new projects to enhance dining services and outdoor spaces. Culture will host the Feast of the Annunciation, All Saints, and the popular St. Patrick's Day party. Public Relations brings it all together, designing posters, managing SGA media, and promoting positivity near and far.

Reflecting and Planning

It's a true privilege to serve on the Council.

These last two years, many of my fellow representatives have become close friends, and they are some of the most hard-working and determined individuals I've ever met.

I came in at the beginning of President Gargano's first term, and I can't imagine coming in at a better time. John has been an incredibly supportive president. He has always been great at identifying talent, listening, and allowing people to do their job. With his graduation, we lose an incredible asset. John has many unique skills; he is an amazing chef, plants and landscaping are his specialties, and he has a playlist for anything. He always turns a good idea into a great one. I have big shoes to fill.

This year, the Council worked on a whole bunch of good stuff. We worked on the Gyrene Cafe revamp, hosted the first Catholic Council Network conference, planned the largest Feast of the Annunciation ever for our 10th anniversary on this campus, and passed the first official versions of our Constitution and Bylaws.

We also launched an internal initiative to dig through old documents and work to compile a "History of SGA." I have been so fascinated by the records from previous councils. Councils who put in the sand volleyball court and purchased the outdoor tables at the Union. Some projects succeeded, while others did not. They all contain great lessons to learn from.

As a Freshman Rep, I spent a lot of time learning the system and working on projects like Dunkin Monday, Project STOVE, and the digital video screens. As Treasurer, my term has been focused on processes. I've tried to implement new systems to maintain the most accurate budget possible, and have forged great relationships with many leaders on campus.

I'm still a regular student, and as President, I am going to keep listening, keep brainstorming, and keep working with you, with the team and with the administration to come up with new solutions to student concerns. It's been an honor to work with our dedicated staff members and administrators, and I look forward to working with them more closely.

I'm excited for our team this year, and I can't wait for what's to come. We are strong. We are Ave. We've got a bright future ahead.

- Stephen