First, the Executive Board elections will take place, followed by the Class Representatives. Filing and results will be available on this website on the appropriate dates. The transition meeting will take place on April 20 at 6:00pm.

Executive Board

Filing Opens: March 27
Filing Closes: April 3 - 5pm
Speeches: April 4 - 6pm
Voting: April 5-6
Results: April 6

Class Representatives

Filing Opens: April 3
Filing Closes: April 7 - 5pm
Speeches: April 7 - 6pm
Voting: April 10-11
Results: April 11



Transition Meeting: April 20
6pm - Canizaro Library Room 155
Required for newly elected members.

Summer 2017

Scheduling for 2017-18
Committee Chair Announcements
Goals for the Year