The 2010-11 Council

President: Alexander Pince
Vice-President: Eileen Gallagher
Treasurer: Katie Condit
Secretary: Bridget Littleton

Senior Representatives: Maria Garcia, Jon Scharfenberger, Perla Garcia
Junior Representatives: Deirdre Littleton, Jelah Germani, Katherine Stolarski
Sophomore Representatives: Zachary Crockett, Clara Alba, Sean McMahon
Freshman Representatives: Nina Talamas, Vincent Ream, Sophie Pakaluk

Pre-2010 School Year Thoughts

  • How will Southern Catholic Students be fully embraced by the AMU family?
  • How will the students continue to build conciliatory relationships with the board of regents and trustees?
  • How will the spiritual life of the Campus continue to be vibrant?
  • How do we imitate the successful integration of the basketball players with the rest of the student body?
  • How will Ave Maria continue to be a strong support to local communities?
  • How will transportation for clubs, organizations, and transportation for events like dances be facilitated?
  • How will the SGA improve opportunities for hangout space on Campus?
  • How can the Food Services be realistically improved?

Goals for 2010-11

  • Improve the Student Park, add Furniture, and build a Stations of the Cross or Marian Shrine
  • Strengthen SGA's presence on campus. New office hours might help, as well as the location of the new SGA office.
  • A Disciplinary Officer should be added to effect a "larger presence"
  • Build SGA movie library, with movie nights for new releases twice a month
  • Every semester, each Class in SGA should organize a service project
  • Organize "stimulated debates" with professors debating "contentious topics"
  • Retain Alumni Speaker Series, but reduce them to once a semester, with multiple speakers at each
  • Send students to Board of Regents meetings, to improve relationship with the administration
  • Perhaps establish a system whereby athletic equipment is loaned out for use in a "recreational area"

Notable Achievements

  • Completed construction of the present beach volleyball court in the Student Park for the spring semester, a $13,000 project
  • Began plans for the construction of $7,000 in lighting for the new volleyball court
  • Began plans for the construction of the three present gazebos, six picnic tables (each with an umbrella), and three outdoor grills in the Student Park, to be completed in the next academic year