The 2009-10 Council

President: Daniel Montgomery
Vice-President: Shannon Hale
Treasurer: Joshua Johanni
Secretary: Samantha Donohue

Senior Representatives: Jeremiah Bellocura, Ellyn Alejan, Robert Goodson, Kathleen Dunleavy
Junior Representatives: Ian Myers, Adam Fuselier, Makandiwana Shoniwa
Sophomore Representatives: Zachary Bateman, Alexander Pince, Deirdre Littleton, Colby Popik
Freshman Representatives: David Hallenbeck, Eileen Gallagher, Clara Alba, Margaret Lawson, Joseph Tupy

Notable Achievements

  • Held the beginning of the year SGA retreat over a period of three days in the Villa Serena at 138 6th Avenue South in Naples.
  • St. Catherine of Sienna feast day party, $350 budget
  • SGA had a turnover of four members this year
  • Talked to the dean about why the Christmas Break was reduced from four weeks to three weeks this year
  • The SGA constitution was approved article by article over the course of the spring semester, and there was a Constitutional Committee