John Gargano is a junior from Fort Myers, Florida. As President of Student Government Association, John is the advisor of the development committee. He is a humanities and liberal studies major, and he enjoys fishing, cooking, and landscaping.

Favorite Color: Nautical Blue, Neon, Orange/Yellow
Favorite TV Show: The Office
Favorite Movie: Life is Beautiful/Braveheart
Birthday: January 11

"Rome was not built in a day, but it was built."

Peter Liffrig is a sophomore. As Vice President of Student Government, Peter is the advisor to the communications committee. Peter is also a lumberjack, spending his spare time on long walks through the prairie toward the rare pine. There is not much else to do in North Dakota.

Kendra Posch is the Treasurer of Student Government and an advisor to the public relations committee. Born in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, Kendra now lives just three hours away in Wayzata, Minnesota. She is a senior biology major and chemistry minor. She loves jigsaw puzzles, sand volleyball, and hot cocoa with Bailey's.

Favorite Color: Teal
Birthday: April 28

Favorite Movie: The Illusionist

Sarah Downes is a senior biochemistry major from Louisville, Kentucky. As Secretary of Student Government, Sarah keeps meeting minutes for all council meetings and she keeps things running smoothly. She is an advisor to the culture committee. She enjoys playing tennis, ballet, and soccer, and fluently speaks Spanish. In another life, Sarah would be the granddaughter of the lost princess Anastasia.

Favorite Color: White
Birthday: September 19
Favorite Movie: Sergeant York

Aimie Jacques is a junior from South Deerfield, Massachusetts. As President of the Student Activities Board, Aimie coordinates and oversees many campus events, including Oktoberfest, the Pizza Making Contest, and the Formal dance. Aimie is a junior humanities major and elementary education minor. She loves "The Office" and has never been to the zoo!

Birthday: October 8
Something to Share: Samuel 2 17:38