Student Government Representatives are responsible for truly anything. From coordinating the Feast of All Saints or a project to renovate the dorms, members of SGA are people who think big, work hard, adapt in any situation, and project a positive image of Ave Maria everywhere they go. SGA is a big job.

Do Run for SGA if...

  • you're committed to making a difference.
  • you have a realistic and can-do attitude.
  • you're motivated and hardworking.
  • you enjoy finding solutions making significant contributions.
  • you have time in your schedule to dedicate to SGA.
  • you have skills to bring to the table.
    • some skills that are particularly helpful: problem analysis and action, event planning, budgeting, Adobe Photoshop CC and graphic design, determination and follow-through.

Details & Commitments


Positions & Requirements

  • There are three Class Representative positions for the 2018-19 school year. 
  • All members of SGA must maintain a GPA of 2.5 or higher.

Filing & Campaigning

  • Candidates must file to run and be approved to run by the Director of Student Life before campaigning.
  • Once approved, posters may be brought to the office of Noah Blanchard, on the second floor of the student union, for approval.
  • Posters may not include the name of other candidates for the same office. 
  • Candidates are required to give a speech.


Council members have one all-council meeting (~1.5 hours) and one committee meeting (~1 hour) per week. Outside of meetings, representatives are expected to give 5-10 hours of their time working on projects.

Representatives are expected to make connections with staff members, be flexible, help classmates solve problems, launch initiatives to improve campus, and be energetic ambassadors for the university. They are expected to always be a representative of the university and its mission.


Filing is closed. The filing for Executive Board and Class Representatives will open in late February. Candidates are required to give a speech. Check back for more details in late February.