Student Government Representatives are responsible for many things. From coordinating the Feast of All Saints to voicing student concerns, members of SGA are people who work hard, adapt in any situation, and project a positive image of Ave Maria everywhere they go.


Freshman Representatives


Anna Coppa

Hello! My name is Anna Coppa, and I am thrilled to be here at Ave! Hailing from Pennsylvania, I am a Freshman Music Major concentrating in Musical Composition. I love meeting new people, and I am looking forward to working with my classmates to make our ideas a reality. I am so excited to be a part of student life to help make everyone's experience here more fruitful and fun.


Liam Dolehide


I may be from Iowa but I know way more then just corn. Im excited to use my knowledge, experience and pure will to thrive to help this school in everyway possible.


Rafael Riva

Hi I'm 19 years old and am half filipino and cuban. I love training people and showing them how much you can achieve with the mind body connection and mental willpower. I have green/blue eyes and consider myself pretty athletic. I try my hardest in every class to be the best student I can be, ill always go out of my way to help a friend, and love making random peoples day's through kindness. I hope for the best and am only looking for improvement. I like sports, editing videos, my fitness instagram, reading, movies, eating food, making friends, and girls.