We want you to go share Ave's mission with the world! Find a great conference or retreat and we'll pay up to $150.


Academic Conferences

As an academic institution, we believe it's natural and necessary to promote discussion both on and off campus. With this in mind, we want to send students to the best conferences around. Above: Prospectus at Harvard


Club Conferences

We envision vibrant clubs on campus, and in some cases, clubs are geared toward activities that tend to involve travel. We want to make sure we can enable students to be active in their club here and around the country. Above: Debate Club in Colorado


Mission-Based Retreats

True to our mission, we believe that retreats around the country, or even perhaps at a seminary or convent, might be a great way to discern a future vocation. We are happily extending GoRepAve funding for these trips too.


Here's How It Works


  1. We require the name of each student attending the conference or retreat.
    • It's our preference that we cover one conference per student per year, so we can send as many students as possible. However, we're more than willing to consider additional conferences, especially if the cost is reasonable.
  2. We'll cover up to $150 of the cost of the trip.
    • Note: Established precedent is that SGA won't pay for hotel rooms.
  3. Funding is first-come, first-serve.
    • For 2017-18, we've allocated $10,000 toward Conferences. We're very excited about this! Search for great trips, find the best prices, and let's send you somewhere to Rep Ave!