We're so excited to have you here!

We're honored to be hosting guests from Benedictine College, the University of Dallas, and the University of Mary for our first Catholic Council Network Conference! This page contains information regarding the conference, and we will update it if anything changes. Included is the itinerary, additional information, "Don't Forgets", and phone numbers you might want to know.

Friday, January 20

12-5pm Arrival and Welcome

6:00pm Dinner
Bob Thomas Student Union - St. Francis of Assisi Cafeteria

8:00pm Meet and Greet
Saint John Paul II Hall Lobby
Business Casual

Saturday, January 21

8:00am Mass
Saint Joseph Hall 3rd Floor Chapel
Business Professional

9:00am Breakfast
Henkels Academic Building - 3rd Floor East Lobby

9:30am Opening
“Solidarity, Learning, Leadership”
Demetree Lecture Hall
Vice President Peter Liffrig, Treasurer Stephen Akers

10:00am Council Presentations - 20 minutes each, open to questions

12:00pm Lunch
Bob Thomas Student Union - Outside Patio

1:00pm Keynote and Discussion
"Catholic Identity, Ex Corde Ecclesiae, and Academics"
Dr. Seana Sugrue
Canizaro Library Chapel

  • What challenges do we face as Catholic leaders, as students and beyond, and how can we help to solve them?
  • How can we help our respective schools stay true to our Catholic identity?
  • How can we promote academic research and ideas on campus?

2:00pm Discussion
"Campus Life and Culture"
Secretary Philip Rhein
Canizaro Library Classroom 155

  • What is your campus culture like?
  • How does your government help to foster community on campus?
  • How does your athletics program enhance or affect campus culture?

2:45pm Presentation and Discussion
Dr. Sherry Dellinger - University of Dallas

3:30pm Discussion
"Student Government: Structures and Projects"
Zach Crockett, Advisor to the Council

  • How do you interact with clubs and campus groups?
  • What can we do to improve life on our campuses?

4:15pm Special Topics
"Champions of Charity" - Andrew Nussbaum '17
"Krakow" - Joe and Corinne MacDonald

4:50pm Break

5:00pm Discussion
"The Network Moving Forward"
Treasurer Stephen Akers

  • How do you see The Network benefiting Catholic schools?

6:00pm Dinner with the Reps
Bob Thomas Student Union - Private Dining Room

8:00pm Social Event in Naples
University of Dallas

Sunday, January 22

8:00am Mass in Latin (Missals will be available)
Ave Maria Oratory

9:00am Brunch and Final Remarks
Bob Thomas Student Union - Conference Room

10:00am Clam Pass Trip (optional)
Beach Attire

All Day Departures

20 minutes to tell your story. Go.

In Your School's Presentation, Consider Including:

  • General Information and Context
    • How many students attend?
    • Where are they from?
    • What are popular majors?
  • What makes your school unique?
    • What are your signature events?
  • What is the general structure of your government?
    • What are your executive positions?
    • Who serves as your advisor?
    • How does your government operate?
    • How is your constitution structured?
    • What is your government's budget?
    • What are you able to accomplish with your budget? Does it rollover?
    • What "processes" do you have in place?
    • How do you conduct meetings? Are they productive or synoptic?
    • How do you interact with school administrators?
    • How do you interact with clubs and campus groups?
  • Is your government “known” for anything particular?
    • Do you have committees, projects, boards, etc.?
  • What lessons have you learned?

We encourage PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi, or another type of visual aid for your presentation. Our Lecture Hall has a projector and sound system.

Maps and Directions

You can view campus map information and directions to campus on our main website, found here.