How-To: Renovate a Common Space

You've chosen a space - you have an idea. Now what?

First, you need to document the space in its current condition. Take pictures, count how many pieces of furniture are present and their condition, and note and other information that might be helpful.

Next, develop a plan for the space. What do you want to change? How and who will do the work? What will happen after the space is completed? Who will maintain it? This will help you prepare a bill and be prepared for questions that arise. For new furniture, find out if it's possible to get an invoice, as opposed to paying by credit card (this will speed up the purchasing process).

Once submitted and approved, work with the Treasurer, Director of Student Life, and Business Office to get any new items ordered. Once ordered, put together a team to meet up on the day of delivery. Work with Public Relations to get appropriate branding and social media posts.

Finally, once a project is complete, take pictures and document the changes, so that future students and councils can see the work you've done, and how you made it happen. Then, onto another space!

Additional Material