We believe in transparency and accountability.

Our budget comes from part of the Student Activities Fee. First, funding is allocated for Initiatives and the Student Activities Board. Then, Student Government allocates funding to the Committee and Council accounts.

We do everything possible to manage our budget responsibly. We believe you deserve to know how we're spending your money. We do everything we can to maximize every dollar without compromising on our vision to make Ave excellent.

Primary Allocations

SGA Allocations

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Fundraised Accounts

Lead a club or household? We want to help you reach your goals. Here are answers to some common questions.

  • Many clubs and households have fundraised accounts inside of Student Government.
  • You can spend money from your own account at any time, without a Council vote, simply by asking. 
    • If you're a club leader, Rachel Flowers can help you brainstorm and expedite the process for approval.
    • For households, Scott King is the point person for requesting funding for specific requests.
  • We recommend talking with our Treasurer to check on your balances regularly.
  • We highly encourage large groups to fundraise and maintain a balance. This helps expedite event approval and make funding available for others.

Have a question about the budget?

Ask Treasurer Gavin Galazka

Gavin Galazka is a senior finance major from Oshkosh, Wisconsin. As Treasurer, it's Gavin's duty to keep a detailed account of financial transactions and to report the financial status at weekly meetings. Gavin enjoys reading up on the latest news, following market trends, and playing the piano.