Our campus wide competition to encourage saving energy. Working with the billing office, SGA will determine an energy benchmark for each dorm. If the the dorm stays below that bench mark, a certain percentage of the money saved will go toward a physical improvement within that building: Common Room Renovation, Lobby Renovation, Kitchen Renovation, etc. Not only will we be saving power, we will also be improving our campus!


Ave Maria is home to a state award-winning water treatment facility: Ave Maria Utility Company. Rather than purchasing water from external sources, it is our goal to make our award winning water available to the student body by installing water bottle filling stations across campus. This action will decrease the need for disposable water bottles and will help keep our campus waterways clean. 

We will also encourage smart water-saving practices among the student body. Click here to view A short list of water saving techniques.

SGA will also take the initiative in keeping our campus looking fantastic by keeping our canal free of trash.


SGA will be Installing recycling collection containers across campus, donating materials that students no longer need to local charities, and spending our resources wisely, with a focus on quality rather than quantity. These actions will all contribute to an atmosphere of thrift and environmental responsibility.