Wadson Mildort


Home: Immokalee, FL

Favorite foods: Pasta, chicken wings, mac and cheese

Favorite thing to do in Florida:

"First, work. Second I like to take my kids somewhere to have fun. 

We go to the water parks, the movies, and the pool. 

I love to take them to Disney World as well! I have three kids; two boys, and one girl. 

They are in 10th, 5th and 4th grade. I love them so much."

Something he's looking forward to...

"I am originally from Haiti. I came over here in 1996 and plan 

to visit my home for the first time in 22 years this December."

Fun Fact:

One of my favorite sports here at Ave is volleyball. 

I love to watch the games when I get the chance, stopping over for 20 minutes. 

I love to watch soccer, and came to the last football game on Saturday!"