Luke Chasuk


Household: Fishers of Men 

Grade: Senior 

Major: Biology 

From: Baton Rouge, Louisiana 

Who is your favorite saint and why? 

Saint Raphael, I want to be a medical doctor and he’s the patron saint of healing, so he’ll be a huge player in my life. 

Tell us about your household

Every week we do a member led holy hour meditation, we go to mass as a household, and have a meeting and discussion. We have night prayer which is led by a different member every night. We also have what we call “Fishing Trips” where we get together with a different member every week which fosters brotherhood. 

Why did you decide to join Fishers over other households? 

I joined Fishers because I was so impressed with the brotherhood I saw in the household. Also, when I was checking out households during freshman year Fishers felt the most right. This choice I think has been Divine Intervention, the friendships I’ve made in Fishers are some of the best I’ve ever had. 

If someone was interested in joining your household or another household, how do they join? 

Come find any Fisher on campus! On Thursdays we wear white polos so we’re not hard to find. 

What is one of your favorite household traditions? 

DEFINITELY the end of year awards show, the Fishies, when we award the members with ridiculous recognitions and roll a slide show of all the graduating members. It’s a hilarious night and we still tell stories about the Fishies from three years ago. 

Any upcoming events we should lookout for? 

At the Household Fest coming up on Novemeber 18th Fishers will be hosting a spikeball tournament! Come out if you think you’re good! 

What virtues does your household focus on? 

Patience and Humility. 

How do you plan to live out what you’ve learned through Fishers outside of Ave? 

I plan to keep the virtues that household life has instilled in me. I also will keep in touch with the guys from Fishers. The household has instilled in me a deep and abiding faith life that will stay with me the rest of my life.