Harrison Catalano

Harrison Catalano, Resident Assistant and Member of the Golf Team

Harrison Catalano, Resident Assistant and Member of the Golf Team

Hometown: Augusta, GA 

Class: Senior 

RA project this year:

Throughout the semester Resident Assistants are required to put on events with the intent of building a stronger campus community.  For Harrison's RA project, he is planning to distribute T-shirts for the first one hundred students to come tailgate for the October 27th home football game. His reasoning was that he believes that it will build stronger relationships among the students. Harry says, "We had something very similar at my high school. It brought the students together, and helped us win some football games."


Harrison is a member of the men's Gyrene golf team. He believes that the team this year is different from years past. Harry mentions the camaraderie that the guys have. He says his favorite memory of the golf team is "watching the 2016 Ryder Cup with the boys." 

Plans for After College: 

Harrison plans to attend law school after is last year at Ave Maria. His top three schools are University of Georgia, University of South Carolina, or University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Funny Childhood Memory: 

"When I was around five years old, my parents took me to watch my sister, Decker, perform in her ballet recital, 'The Nutcracker'. After returning home from watching the performance, my curious self decided if I could do one of the dance moves that looked so cool on stage. Unfortunately, I lost my balance and landed straight on my face, knocking out my two front teeth. Well as the saying goes, 'curiosity killed the cat,' and that it did."