Gene and Junior

Left: Junior, Right: Gene

Left: Junior, Right: Gene


Where are you from? 

Gene: I am from Haiti. I go back every year in the summer. My wife and three kids still live there, so I am excited to go home.

Junior:I am also from Haiti and I go back twice a year. Once during Christmas, and once during the summer to visit my wife and daughter who are there. 


Where did you learn to whip up a mean omelet? 

Gene: When I got to Ave over nine years ago. I started working in the kitchen and then got promoted to the omelet station. 

Junior:  I also got promoted and I learned my ways from the best— Gene. 


How long have you been working here? 

Gene: For about nine years, I’ve seen the company grow a lot! 

Junior: I have been here for three years. 


What is your favorite part about working here? 

Gene: I just love to stay busy and work. 

Junior: I also love to work. I am very satisfied when I know I make a good meal. 


 Biggest pet peeve about students? 

Gene: There isn’t one. The students are great. What really makes me happy though is when people are very polite. 

Favorite meal to make and eat? 

Gene:  I love to cook and to eat Haitian food. My favorite meal to make for my wife is turkey, rice, chicken, sauce beans, all Haitian style. 

Junior: I also like to cook and eat Haitian food, but I make some pretty good mashed potatoes. My favorite American meal is a hamburger and fires, and chocolate ice cream cake.