Dr. Richard Dittus


How long have you been teaching at Ave?

I have been working at Ave Maria for over 16 years. Besides teaching math I have taught business and education courses and have also served as the director of admissions. I first got involved with this school through providing brochures to Catholic conferences and college fairs as a way to voluntarily support Ave Maria’s growth. It was very exciting to be among the first pioneers working toward developing our Catholic university. 


What is you favorite Thanksgiving dish?

Sweet potato casserole


What is your favorite memory at Ave?

In 2003, we celebrated our first Ave Maria thanksgiving on our Naples campus, which was a great feast that all the students and faculty shared together. It was our first festival feast together as a campus and it’s amazing to see this tradition carry on today through the numerous feast day celebrations that the school puts on.  

In 2004, on the Feast of the Annunciation, we celebrated our first mass at our beautiful church on campus, and the Vatican Choir provided the music.  


What do you like most about your students?

I love how my students are such enthusiastic learners and how they are all willing to study and work hard together. They put in so much effort in the class and I really admire the students that put the extra time in to come to college algebra club. 


Can you tell us about the College Algebra Club that you started? 

Many students need a supportive environment for not only learning College Algebra but also in the college transition process. College Algebra Club gives students a learning community where they can build confidence in their math skills with math tutors and a professor available. This gives new students a chance to get familiar with their fellow classmates and also allows them to get used to working with tutors in the hub.


Fun Fact?

Before our children were born, my wife and I travelled with backpacks by train and bus across Canada and the United States for 40 days. My favorite location during this adventure was Jasper National Park because we were able to hike on the snow topped mountains in summer.