Showcase Your Work

Have you already created excellent work? Don't hide your talent! Showcase it on campus, and allow your friends and classmates to see it on display.

Beautify Campus

Enhance campus life by adding to it! Your artwork not only puts your name out there, but it will add character and charm to spaces on campus.


Start a New Project

Get funding for a new art project, with help from Student Government.

Like digital artwork? Thanks to our partnership with IT, all students now have access to the Adobe Creative Cloud. Simply sign in with enterprise ID (coming soon), learn about the Adobe apps, and create something amazing.

Share Your Love for Ave

Contributing to Artboard is a great way to give back and show others how much you love Ave. As an institution that believes in the splendor of truth, and the pursuit of knowledge, we care deeply about art and culture and the integral role they play in society.


How to Contribute

Paintings, Drawings, & Photography

Have a work of art that's sitting around, waiting to be discovered? We can work with you to see if there's a place for it. Or, if you need supplies for a project, we might be able to help.

Digital & Graphic Art

Using Adobe's great creative tools, you can create some amazing things. We can help you get them from the screen to real life. 

Get Involved

Artboard focuses on the visual arts, but we recognize that art is a vast expression of human creative skill and imagination, consisted of the literary arts, music, theatre, and more. You might be interested in these featured groups.


Live Music Club

Join and play at various events on campus.


Drama Club

Put on incredible shows and more for the student body to enjoy.


Shakespeare in Performance

Intense but worth it. Learn about the playwright's work and put on a show.

Book Club

Pursue the best literary works and talk about them with others.


And a whole lot more...

There are so many clubs to choose from at Ave. Take a look and learn about all the ways you can get involved.