Mackenzie Tourville is a psychology major and philosophy minor from St. Mary's County, Maryland. She loves the Harry Potter series, singing and dancing, and she plays on the Ave Maria lacrosse team.

Favorite Color: Dark Purple
Birthday: June 22

Favorite Quote: "A life not lived for others, is not a life." - Mother Teresa

Stephen Akers is a finance major born in Omaha, Nebraska. Today, Stephen lives in Atchison, Kansas. Stephen spent many years working for a baseball complex, then later worked for six political campaigns in Nebraska. At his high school, Stephen was elected "Head Boy" of a Harry Potter-like House System. He currently works for Ave Maria University in Marketing and Student Engagement.

Favorite Color: Red
Birthday: June 18
Favorite TV Shows: The Office, Seinfeld

Philip Rhein is a political science major born in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Currently, Philip lives in Clarkston, Michigan and he enjoys riding his unicycle, cutting hair, and researching Napoleonic history.

Favorite Color: Orange
Birthday: August 23
Favorite Movie: Gladiator